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Handmade Bricks

Handmade Bricks

The images included in this section cover the range of Handmade bricks available.
There is a huge combination of Imperial and Metric sizes and variations available as well as delivery times and costs.
For this reason we ask that you call us or email us with your specific requirements.

Tonbridge Handmade Bricks:
Maintaining the Tudor tradition, the unique Tonbridge range of handmade stock bricks is available in both 65mm and 50mm sizes as standard. The continued magnificence of many Tudor palaces and houses is testament to our craftsmanship in matching centuries-old brickwork.

Generations of brick-making ensure that each handmade brick has its own individual character and, by selective positioning in the firing kiln, the rich colours typical of the Tonbridge range are guaranteed.

Swanage Handmade Bricks:

Where Hardy’s Dorset meets the Solent, Swanage creates bespoke bricks in a range of colours, textures and sizes to meet individual requirements. Hand-makers lend their own special character to develop the warmth and integrity found only in true handmade bricks.

Blended by hand, traditional Swanage bricks include authentic imperials for restoration or refurbishment projects, especially those in conservation-sensitive areas, and grey-glazed headers characteristic of many houses in the Wealden area of the South East.

Tonbridge Handmade Grey Brown

Ref: IBS-4041

Tonbridge Handmade Grey Brown 50mm

Ref: IBS-4041(50)

Tonbridge Handmade Heather Grey

Ref: IBS-4042

Tonbridge Handmade Heather Grey 50mm

Ref: IBS-4042 (50)

Tonbridge Handmade Multi

Ref: IBS-4043

Tonbridge Handmade Multi 50mm

Ref: IBS-4043 (50)

Tonbridge Handmade Pastone

Ref: IBS-4044

Tonbridge Handmade Pastone 50mm

Ref: IBS-4044 (50)

Swanage Handmade Heather Red

Ref: IBS-4301

Swanage Handmade Light Red

Ref: IBS-4302

Swanage Handmade Light Red Multi

Ref: IBS-4303

Swanage Handmade Restoration Red

Ref: IBS-4312